Alya is excited to announce a School Holiday Program for the duration of the upcoming Winter holidays! This program aims to support the social and community participation goals of attending participants and create opportunities for networking/socialisation for all who attend. The Program will run in South East Queensland with regular activities held in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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Download our Program Information Pack for all the details.
Program Info Pack
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Download our holiday Activity Schedule.
Activity Schedule
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Frequently Asked Questions

Activities will be supported by our team to ensure an appropriate level of support is maintained for all participants whilst at the program. Support will be provided under a ratio system, with each day’s level of support allocated according to the safety and supervision requirements for the activity. It is our goal to make our programs fun and accessible for all, so if you/your Participant requires support on a 1 to 1 ratio or if there is anything we need to know to best support the individual, please contact us directly. All Alya team members are suitably qualified with disability support experience, NDIS Worker Screening Checks, Working with Children Blue Cards and Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Each week, multiple activity options will be available with consideration made to location, budget and accessibility requirements. You/the Participant may select to attend any activities you/they would like to. Please read the Activity Brief carefully to ensure you/your participant meets the eligibility criteria for the day or call Alya on 07 3517 1792 to discuss further.

Transport to and from activities will be arranged where possible through our Mentor team and will be available to Participants not requiring 1 to 1 support for$30 per day. Transport for participants requiring 1 to 1  support will be charged at a higher cost. Please contact us to discuss the tailored transport options that will suit your circumstances. Mentors will collect Participants from an approved location and then return them to the same location at the end of the day. If you/your Participant require specialized transportation please contact Alya directly to discuss options that will work best for you. Day specific transport information will be confirmed two days prior to the activity taking place. If you do not wish for provider transport, you may drop off and pick up the Participant to the destination, please contact Alya directly to make arrangements.

Each day has a set day rate as stipulated in each activity brief with an optional additional $30 for daily transport. Day rates for participants requiring 1 to 1 support will be higher. Should the participant require 1 to 1 support, please contact Alya to obtain a quote for the activity as the advertised day rate will no longer be applicable. Support provided by Mentors will be invoiced to the Participant’s NDIS Plan through Core Funding for Community, Social and Economic Participation.

The applicable codes are:

●Group Activities - Standard - Weekday Daytime using support item 04_102_0136_6_1

● Activity Based Transport - Social, Economic and Community Participation Supports using support item 04_591_0136_6_1

● Provider Travel - Non-Labour Costs using the support item 04_799_0136_6_1

Should you wish to use different NDIS support items or are not an NDIS Participant but still wish to attend, alternative funding models and self funded options are also available, contact us to find out more. Additional expenses incurred such as the cost of entry to an activity (such as bowling, Lazer Zone) are the responsibility of the Participant/their Representative. These expenses can either be paid by the Participant on the day or via direct debit to Alya prior to the program day.

Our cancellation policy is 14-days notice prior to the scheduled day of the activity. Should you need to withdraw within this 14 day period, the cost of the event will be charged to the participant. Should an activity be undersubscribed, Alya reserves the right to cancel the activity. Should this happen, you will not be invoiced for the activity day.