Ian "Briggsi" Briggs

Manager Organisational Services

Briggsi is our Principal Talent Manager, responsible for employee experience, workforce planning and talent management.

Holding an undergraduate qualification in biology and post-graduate qualifications in pharmacology, Briggsi commenced his working life as a technical specialist within the biotech sector in the UK. Realising early on in his career that he was better suited to a job working with people rather than in a laboratory, Briggsi took on a role in the recruitment sector. He has since worked as a recruiter, search consultant and talent manager for over 20 years in both the UK and Australia.

As our Principal Talent Manager, Briggsi is our key liaison point for new and existing talent. He is responsible for onboarding new employees, roster management, workforce management and employee experience.

Briggsi is a talented writer, frequently contributing editorial content to newspapers and magazines. He also has a green thumb with a particular interest in Australian native plants.

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