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Ashleigh Johnson

Participant Support Officer
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Ashleigh is a very determined young woman who’s strive for success is admirable. Having only worked at Alya for 6 months she was promoted from Mentor to Participant Support Officer. Her confidence can be found as contagious as she supports her clients, peers and family to step out of their comfort zone to get the best out of life.

Ashleigh is a proud mum of two beautiful children and caries that nurturing ability into her workplace. She is passionate about caring for others, having previously worked with the elderly in a retirement home and young children in an early childhood care center. Ashleigh thrives on routine and organisation, a skill set she has picked up from her previous experience in organizing events.

Having been a Mentor herself Ashleigh knows exactly what can be expected from our mentors and understands what a great match should look like between participants and mentors. She believes that there is never a goal too high, that with the right support system you can reach your goals. With Ashleigh by your side I assure you, you will!