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Alya believes intrinsically that our Mentors and Support Staff are the most important element of our operation. Alya is also driven by a strong belief and philosophy around the importance of Personal Development and that mindset, beliefs, attitudes and knowledge is what helps us all live a great life.

Therefore an important part of Alya’s commitment to its team is our Professional Development events that we run 3 times a year. These events are for all staff, both in the field and in our corporate office.

The feedback is exceptional and we are continuously seeing the direct link to better Participant outcomes due to this training.




Another highlight was actually being encouraged to question information being presented, that's huge within itself and not to mention it also increases participation and active listening skills amongst us all. Your ability to read your audience. Your ability to make your information resonate with your audience.



It has been truly wonderful to be a part of the Alya Care Team who are always so open, welcoming and supportive in so many ways including putting in the extra efforts into investing in our own education, skills and experience. One such investment has been the Alya Care Professional Education Sessions that the Alya Care Team have an abundance of knowledge and experience about. How very helpful and enjoyable these sessions are and am very excited to further build upon my education, skills and experience even further at future sessions!



Loved the day, the way that you articulated the concepts with your charisma and passion, mate it was fantastic. I learnt a lot, I especially enjoyed the fleshing out of the concept of the link between the endocrine system and language.

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