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Disability Support - Our Specialisation

At Alya, we have set out to make a real difference and make a positive change in each of our Participants lives.

To best achieve this and make the most impact, we specialise in the areas below. We do this by building and nurturing a Support Mentor workforce with the training, life experience, skills and character traits for these areas.

How Alya Supports You


Social Support


Domestic Assistance


Therapy Support




Nursing Services


Personal Care




Staying Active


What you'll get with Alya?

Dedicated Personalised Service

Dedicated Personalised Service

We exist to serve you and you will have your own dedicated Support Officer. Many providers fall short in delivering what they say due to not having a dedicated Support Officer who’s connected with you and your family and know what is important to you. Your Alya dedicated Support Officer will be your point of contact along your entire Alya journey and they also review every support worker we provide you with.

Options & Flexibility

Unlimited access to our support worker talent pools at no cost and able to change support workers anytime. But Alya doesn’t stop there… Sifting through profiles and selecting the right person can be hard and time consuming. We have industry experts to help you through the process to ensure you get the very best fit.

Options & Flexibility
Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance

Safety and the quality of care Alya provides to our Participants and Support Worker team is paramount. Alya has tailored systems, policies and procedures to ensure Alya is the industry leader.

Visibility & Control

Working with Alya means you have access to our easy to use, transparent system called My Alya. My Alya puts live data and key information regarding your plans, budgets and goal progression at your fingertips

Visibility & Control

You are Important to me

Lets connect and talk through your needs and how Alya
is helping our participants live their best life

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